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Shuttle Link ? A ferry and railroad shipping service between Japan-China and Japan-Korea

As speedy as air forwarding with a reasonable price!

Shuttle link combines an international ferry with service to/from the Port of Shimonoskei, freight railroad in Japan, and the domestic/overseas network of Yamato Group to provide integrated shipping services between Japan-China and Japan-Korea.
By combining highly-punctual shipping modes, we provide the speed of air freight, the reasonable price of sea forwarding, and the ecology of railroad transport.

Have you ever experienced any of the problems listed below?
  • - In many cases, product specifications are not decided until the last minute, so we are forced to use air forwarding in order to meet the delivery date.
  • - It costs too much to use air freight for food products with short expiration dates! Is there any better way?
Let Yamato Group solve your problems!
Example of schedule between Japan-China (Taicang)


We provide lead time in 18 hours from Tokyo to Shimonoseki, in 29 hours from Shimonoseki to Taicang, and in 8 hours from Shimonoseki to Pusan (minimum times).
Furthermore, lead time equivalent to that of air forwarding is realized through linkage with rapid handling at ports and a fast customs clearance system. The port of Shimonoseki operates year-round customs clearance.
(* You are requested to apply overtime service of customs on Saturday, Sunday and national holiday in advance.
** Plant and animal quarantine is not included in this operation.)

Advantage2Reasonable cost

We greatly reduced shipping cost by utilizing superiority of the streamlined and large-quantity shipping possible through railroad and sea forwarding. We increase efficiency and provide seamless shipping by using 12 ft containers.


Railroad and sea forwarding emit small amounts of CO2 when compared to air forwarding. Our service significantly contributes to environmental protection by utilizing shipping modes with low environmental load.

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