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Yamato Global Direct

Directly linking a forwarding function with our TA-Q-BIN network to  realize streamlined and efficient distribution.

Freight is shipped directly to the end user without passing through warehouses or distribution centers in the importing country. Lead time and total cost are reduced, while also realizing traceability through all stages of shipping.

Have you ever experienced any of the problems listed below?
  • I'm worried that large number of shipping processes increase total transport lead time to lose sales opportunities!
  • I'm concerned that large number of shipping processes is labor-intensive and high-cost, decreasing my company's price competitiveness!
  • Traceability information is so fragmented that I can't confirm the location of the ordered product. I'm unable to stop complaints about delayed delivery.
Let Yamato Group solve your problems!
Yamato's track and trace can show vou all the shipping stages.
Shorten lead time

After import customs clearance in Japan, the freight is delivered directly to its destination without passing through a domestic warehouse. This shortens the lead time required for domestic transfer.

Reduce Japan's domestic distribution cost

Affixing of delivery labels and sorting according to destinations, normally performed at domestic warehouses is executed in the exporting country. This reduces domestic warehouse expenses, to cut down double handling costs.

Realize visualization of cargo flow

By using a delivery label issuance system and freight traceability system, Yamato realizes visualization of freight in every stage from the exporting country until the destination.

Providing peace of mind to customers
  • -When you do not want to provide private information to the exporting country
    → It is possible to keep delivery information hidden in the exporting country.
  • -When the final delivery address after entry into a country has not been determined in the initial stage of exporting
    → In case of sea freight with long navigation days, it is possible to decide the destination after exporting.
  • -When conducting inspection of goods condition after importing in Japan
    → It is possible to conduct high-quality inspection in the exporting country.
  • -Yamato Group also handles collection/repair of home appliances.
Convenient product line-up...Providing optimal distribution to meet customer needs.
Suitable for freight for which speed is top priority Yamato Global Direct (Air) Direct shipping at reasonable distribution costs will be implemented Yamato Global Direct (Sea)
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