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Yamato China Direct

We provide smooth delivery with the Postal Service in China combined with our own Yamato Logistics Network

For web stores who may desire to achieve direct sales to Chinese consumer

Yamato China Direct Yamato China Direct is a parcel shipping service for web stores that conduct direct sales of products from Japan to Chinese consumers. Through an alliance with Chinese postal services, Yamato provides a system for reliable sales and purchasing.
Have you ever experienced any of the problems listed below?
  • I have products which I would like to sell in the high-potential Chinese market. However, a huge amount of funding and labor is required for our company to construct a sales channel (including the establishment of local subsidiaries) from scratch…
  • I do not want to take the risk of holding inventory for products in China. I wish there was a stable system for shipping only on the necessary amount upon receiving an order…
  • A license is necessary for each type of product purchased when importing products into China. Wasting so much time, labor will be required to obtain such licensing! As a result, I have often felt frustrated at missing sales opportunities…
Let Yamato Group solve your problems!


In the first place, rules for private importation in China are not clear.

1) The consignee was unable to present an import license upon request and the product was finally shipped back to Japan…
2) The consignee was charged unexpected import duties…
3) When import duties were subjected, the individual importer (consignee) had to go to a specified agency to pay…

Therefore, web stores have been losing their business opportunities…



It helps overseas web store to expand business even without nominating a local subsidiary or agent in China. The Yamato Group provides smooth delivery to all areas of China on an alliance with the China Postal Service.


Shipping control

  • Prior to shipping, Yamato performs advance confirmation regarding the clearance of export/import customs for each product. Customs trouble is avoided in advance by selecting the items to be shipped.
  • Through a link with Yamato systems, we provide information on the range of individual web shoppers. This makes safe and reliable shipping possible.

Private importation scheme approved by Chinese Customs

This enables direct and reliable shipment of products from Japanese web stores to Chinese consumers.

No payment of import duties at time of delivery

Private importer shoppers are not asked to pay import duties when delivery. As a result, delivery has never been refused when using this scheme. (As of Oct. 2014)

Service Details

≪Size Restrictions≫
Minimum: 23cm x 15cm x 5cm
Maximum: (height + width) x 2 + length ≦ 300cm (*within 300cm)
AND length ≦150cm(※within 150cm)

≪Weight Restrictions≫
Maximum actual weight of 40kg; maximum volume weight of 42kg.

≪Restriction on Value of Consigned Contents≫
-No restrictions when shipping one item.
-There is maximum amount when shipping more than two items.
Please ask us for further details.

≪Service Area≫
From Yamato's Haneda Terminal facilities (Haneda Chronogate)
to individual importer in China.

Freight collect is not available.

Conditions and terms
  • -This service is intended for corporate customers.
  • -The appropriate internet connection is necessary before shipping.
  • -Yamato cannot handle products which violate our Terms & Conditions, laws and regulations of China, or public order/morals.
  • -The service includes an insurance premium for damage compensation.
    *If contents value is within 10,000 yen, the package is insured by our service. When it exceeds 10,000 yen, optional insurance is available if you like.
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