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Management Philosophy

Yamato Global Logistics Japan Co., Ltd. aims to be an innovative logistics solution provider that our corporate customers trust over and above other providers.

For more than half a century, dating back to our Yamato Unyu era, Yamato Global Logistics Japan Co., Ltd. has been assisting various corporations such as manufacturers and distributors with their cross border flow of goods.

We consistently construct the most appropriate SCM to suit our customers using not only our proven small-lot network (LT) but also the information systems (IT) and settlement functions (FT), supporting such network.

Recently we are also involved in handling cross-border internet retailing and are proactively working to provide logistical solutions so that products can be delivered by corporations directly to consumers.

We pursue new value and convenience so as to create satisfaction among customers in all countries and regions, transcending national boundaries.

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Yamato Global Logistics Japan promotes work-life balance for employees.